Solar Panel Cleaning Services

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Solar Panel cleaning

Solar panel cleaning services are important in order to maintain optimum efficiency in your energy production. The panels are made of glass, and there is no one who more familiar with cleaning this surface than Paul Black and his crew of professional window cleaners.

The studies have shown that you can lose anywhere from 10% - more than 50% of your efficiency depending on your area and length of time in-between service. Dirt reflects the light that would enter the unit, but you don't want to just clean them any which way. It's important to make sure you don't get water stains, chemical residue, or other damage to the unit through improper methods. We use DI (de-ionized) tanks to filter the water so that it is perfectly pure from impurities. Because of this, we can clean your solar panels without harsh chemicals, water stain build up, or scratching. This will prolong the life and efficiency of your investment.

Commercial building. The roof is covered with hundreds of solar panels which are cleaned by Paul Blacks.

Ceronix - Auburn, CA, a Paul Black solar panel cleaning client. Paul Blacks' also services Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin or Lincoln, Loomis and Colfax. Call us today!